Our Ethos

Letswap.ie believes as an Irish founded, run and owned business we have a moral and ethical obligation to take responsibility for assisting in our countries welfare. With commitment and vision, together with our members, we can make a difference.  By having an administration fee per swap transaction, we can assist financially at a grass roots level where the help is needed daily in our communities. 

The initial three charities chosen for assistance have already had a very influential and supportive role in our founders life, having had first hand experience of them, which is the heartfelt “paying it forward” from  Letswap.ie .

As we grow in membership size, we will also extend the variety of charities we can assist.

Our Motto

One act of kindness has a ripple effect and the ability to change the world.

The Simon community is one of Irelands amazing homeless charities, what stands out about them from the others are the manner in which they support! They don’t just get people off the streets; they don’t just give them a temporary solution. They offer hope; they re-establish dignity and self respect by providing support of accommodation, along with real help, services such as counselling, courses in IT, Art therapy, volunteering opportunities, educational opportunities, and many more.  They help their clients set goals and achieve them. They help our most vulnerable men and women reclaim their lives when things have gone horribly wrong. They run an amazing operation, one which I have always supported, but truly value as they gave the world back one of my best friends. He is an inspiration and an advocate of who the Simon Community is for Ireland.

The lockdown highlighted the issue of Domestic Abuse in our communities, the cases   reported to the Gardaí, and support services were astonishing and frightening.  The abuse affects the entire family; the long term effects for the children are for life and generational.  DVR and similar services provide  hands on support , education and much needed changes in this area. The children without intervention will either grow up or repeat the cycle, either as the abused or the abuser. These services are vital to Ireland to end this silent abuse cycle in our homes.

North West Stop, is a charity based in Sligo, like all suicide prevention services the work they do is invaluable to local communities.  This charity provides immediate assistance even when the local GP and referrals to the HSE cannot help, there is nothing more despairing for the family or person suffering mentally to be told they are on a waiting list. In a crisis situation, the waiting list is not an option.  This charity also provides much necessary immediate funding for play therapist for your younger children and teens that are also feeling overwhelmed from the pressures of life.

This charity has helped so many and will continue to do so, with our assistance.



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