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Staycations made super fun and easy and safe on the Island of Ireland for everyone! has developed an exclusive membership site where like-minded people can home-swap and explore our wonderful Island.  We invite you to join our community and pay an annual subscription of €149.00 for unlimited home swapping opportunities.

With 3 categories for families, couples, and retirees, you can choose to travel with or without your pets, for a weekend away, a mid-term break, or any agreed length of stay between both members.

So booking a festival, a concert, a sports event, attending a wedding or reunion, or simply just getting away and visiting a beautiful part of Ireland, has now just become much more accessible and affordable!

The added bonus to becoming a member is that while you are making your matches and home swapping, you are also paying it forward as 100% of your €20 swap fee goes directly to Irish Charities serving our local communities.

The Simon Community, Domestic Violence Responce and Noth West Stop are this years chosen charities, you can read more information on our ETHOS section on our website.

As we grow in memberships, your choice and variety of experiences will also extend, and we will also further develop the number and variety of charities we can add to our list, and give much-needed financial assistance.

How it all works, is on a trust basis, you join our site and you swap your home with other members for an agreed period of time.  You use the platform we have developed to Search by location, province, and county. The members in that area will be visible and you can select each one to view their listing. If you are interested in suggesting a possible swap, you write to the member on our membership chat option and begin to make plans once the dates and choice suit you both.

We will email you an approval notification, with the payment link for your €20 fee (100% donated to The simon Community, Domestic Violence Responce, North West Stop ) and after that, you get ready to enjoy your home swap!

We have a careful selection process where we verify all members and process their applications personally. 

We have very strict terms and conditions for all our members and we also offer support and guidelines throughout your membership with us.  We value you as a member of our community and your satisfaction and enjoyment is our priority!



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