Sinéad Canney, Ireland’s Accredited thought leader in Global Citizenship in 2019, is the proud founder of Letswap.ie. 

Letswap.ie a combination of her passions and education, her love of travel, her love of Ireland, the outdoors, fun family time and making staycations affordable for all to indulge. 

The recent pandemic gave us all an opportunity to re-discover just how amazing and beautiful our 32 county Island truly is, and how much there is to explore and enjoy! 

As an independent Mom of four children, three being young boys, and with the hiked living expenses and lack of affordable accommodation available, letswap.ie are providing a safe platform for like minded people to share their homes, and enjoy the freedom of travel without the financial pressures. 

As a socially contentious Entrepreneur, letswap.ie are most importantly helping those less fortunate by generating an income stream through our membership site for charities that need our help, combating homelessness and giving direct assistance in emergency situations to families in Ireland. 

She has a background in Hospitality and Tourism from the University of Ulster, Magee College, Co. Derry.

 Her degree is complemented by qualifications in Childhood Development and she has also studied Community and Family Studies at the National University of Ireland in Galway. 

She has run her own business in International education since 2011 and has supported thousands of families and young learners on their path to becoming responsible, culturally aware, linguistically capable Global citizens.

This Year our chosen Charities are:

The Simon Community:

The Simon Communities of Ireland are a network of independent communities across the country that provide homeless, housing and treatment services to people facing the trauma and stress of homelessness. With a proud history of over 50 years responding to local needs, the Simon Communities of Ireland works to end long-term homelessness in Ireland, and ensure that homelessness where it does occur is rare, short-term and non-recurring.

Domestic Violence Response:

Our free and confidential services help women who are in, are leaving or have left an abusive relationship. We understand that living with domestic abuse is frightening and isolating. Together we explore your options and support you to make positive changes. You are not alone.

North West STOP:

North West STOP caters for all age groups and all our services.
We provide a counselling service where you can safely talk about loss, stress confusion, conflicts and other pain in your life.  We are also able to provide our services whilst waiting to be seen by the HSE. By donating to North West STOP your money stays within your community.



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